Excellence in Education Scholarship

Dedicated to advancing education, the Excellence in Education Scholarship is a program by Indian Heritage Center of West Texas that is committed to annually awarding merit and need-based scholarships to deserving students at Texas Tech University. Our mission is to bridge the achievement gap faced by underserved students by offering crucial financial resources and mentorship.

Scholarships make a significant impact on students' lives, helping them pursue their education and achieve their academic goals. Merit and need-based scholarships ensure that deserving students, regardless of their financial background, have the opportunity to further their education.

This initiative endeavors to provide $1000 scholarships, based on merit and need, to 15 Texas Tech University students each year.

Once established, all aspects of student selection and scholarship disbursement will be exclusively managed by Texas Tech University.


We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all eligible applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, or disability. We embrace diversity and believe that a diverse student body contributes to a richer educational experience for everyone involved.

The Excellence in Education Scholarships, bestowed by the Indian Heritage Center of West Texas since 2019, have proven to be a catalyst for success. Each recipient has not only successfully graduated but has also transitioned into gainful employment, emerging as valuable contributors to society.